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We specialize in private walks but do also offer Buddy Walks, where your dog can be walked with one other furry pal in your neighborhood for a discounted rate. We of course carefully select the two dogs that will go on a Buddy Walk together. Owner’s Scott and Greer routinely visit all dogs on our walking schedule so that they have a good understanding of every dog’s personality. In some cases Scott will facilitate the first several walks depending if there are any issues present i.e. leash aggression or other anxieties. Then we match the dog with the right walker for the job. This is a company who's experienced owners continue to facilitate visits daily and will jump in and work with a specific dog when any issues arise. This hands on approach is one of the reasons that we have a long track record of exceeding client expectations. The walking staff is carefully selected and well trained regarding company safety practices and all policies.

By choosing YSP you will quickly realize that we are not the typical dog walking company. We do not have pack walks and never take dogs to the dog run/park or anything else off leash. We also have specially designed backup safety collars that are used on every walk in addition to your dog’s normal harness or collar. Our system has a 100% safety record where your dog can never get loose from our walkers. Your Spoiled Pets hires walkers that share the same values as the owners Greer and Scott and who love to come to work everyday. We are upbeat dog lovers who genuinely want to provide your dog with the best walking experience possible.

Visit Rate

Type of Visit

Before 5pm

Weekends &
After 5pm

Midday relief
15 Minutes

$14 per walk

$16 per walk

30 Minutes

$20 per walk

$25 per walk

1 Hour Walk

$30 per walk

$33 per walk

Buddy Walk
(approx. 45 min)

$18 per walk

Multiple dog home

$7 per additional dog

Puppy Package Rates Under 6 months

Type of Visit


15 Minutes Potty


30 Minutes
Play + Potty


1 Hour
Play + Potty


*add $2 for weekend and evening walks

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